When people come to work for Snelson Companies, they stay!

Why? Snelson provides the stability, benefits and opportunities for advancement that a large company has to offer without sacrificing the flexibility and family feel of a small business.

We appreciate our employees

Far more than just providing jobs, Snelson Companies, Inc. works to develop employee relationships. Our work is only as good as our employees. With that in mind, we offer a variety of incentive programs, competitive wages and other benefits.

We take care of our employees

The safety and health of all of our employees is Snelson’s highest priority. Our excellent safety and health practices and training programs help ensure a safe and productive work environment for all employees.

We are a team
…and a family

We choose employees carefully and do everything we can to promote an atmosphere of respect and trust. As a result, our employees are not just workmates, they’re family. Snelson’s employees produce a safe and productive working environment.

We are a Union shop

Snelson has long-standing agreements with Pipefitters, Laborers, Teamsters, Operating Engineers, Carpenters, Boilermakers, Ironworkers, Bricklayers and Millwrights.

Snelson is signatory to the National Pipeline and National Distribution Agreements.