Snelson’s Projects

PG&E Hydrostatic Testing Program
Central CA

Questar Pipeline Project – Main Line 3
Morgan, UT
14 miles of 16” take up and re-lay

Questar Pipeline Project – Main Line 104
Vernal, UT
24 miles of 24” pipe

Enterprise Products – Falcon to Paradise
Pinedale, WY
15 miles of 30” pipe

Enterprise Products – PCP Loop
Meeker, CO
30 miles of 36” pipe

Gill Ranch Storage, LLC
Fresno, CA
Installation of grass roots compressor (including 5 Toromont reciprocating compressors)
29 miles of 30″ pipe
16″, 10″, and 3″ gathering lines
Interconnect site

Questar Gas/Overthrust Pipeline Project – Main Line 133 Installation
Rock Springs, WY
Install 43 miles of 36″ pipe

More Projects

Questar Gas Management – Woodardville 16″ & 30″ Project
Woodardville, LA
4 miles of 30″ and 5 miles of 16″ pipe

Williams NW Pipeline Projects – Caldwell 22″ & 24″ Replacement
Middleton, ID
2 miles of 22″ and .75 miles of 24″ pipe

Questar Gas Management – Rendezvous VI Expansion/Mesa Line Loop
Sweetwater & Canyon County, WY
110 miles of 30″ pipe

Williams NW Pipeline Project – Williams Wild Horse Meter Station
Rio Blanco County, CO
Grass roots regulator station installation & associated fabrication

Avista – Kettle Falls 12″ Steel Project
Spokane, WA
3.5 miles of 12″ HP gas pipeline

Puget Sound Energy – Kent/Black Diamond HP Supply
Kent/Auburn, WA
6.5 miles of 16″ HP steel

Kinder Morgan – Fort Bliss Relocation
El Paso, TX
Relocation of 3-7,000″ of 8″, 12″ and 16″ product pipelines
Removal of existing pipeline

Williams NW Pipeline Projects – Colorado Hub Connection Pipeline
Rio Blanco County, CO
27.5 miles of 24″ pipe

Williams NW Pipeline Project – Soda Springs to Lava Springs Mainline
Soda Springs/Lava Springs, ID
Installation of launchers, receivers and valves

BP/Olympic Pipeline – Tacoma DF Containment Project
Tacoma, WA
Sump tank removed, replaced with new curb slab/containment & vault

Great Northern ENGR/Swissport Fueling – Tank Farm Transfer Pump Install
Seattle, WA
Remove existing/install new transfer pumps & electrical installation

Williams NW Pipeline Project – Lava to Pocatello Pigging Facilities
Pocatello, ID
Installation of pre-fabricated launchers and receivers