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Some of Our Projects

Enstar Natural Gas, AK
Install 4.1 miles of 16″ pipeline

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, CA
Relocation of 10″ pipeline

Pacific Gas & Electric, CA
Install/replace 5 miles of 24″ transmission pipeline

Gill Ranch Storage LLC, CA
Install CS, with five Toromont reciprocating compressors

Gill Ranch Storage LLC, CA
Install 27 miles of 30″ pipeline

PG&E Hydrostatic Testing Program
Central CA

Questar Pipeline Project – Main Line 3
Morgan, UT
14 miles of 16” take up and re-lay

Questar Pipeline Project – Main Line 104
Vernal, UT
24 miles of 24” pipe

Enterprise Products – Falcon to Paradise
Pinedale, WY
15 miles of 30” pipe

Williams NW Pipeline Project – Lava to Pocatello Pigging Facilities
Pocatello, ID
Installation of pre-fabricated launchers and receivers

Enterprise Products – PCP Loop
Meeker, CO
30 miles of 36” pipe

Pacific Gas & Electric, CA
Installation of CS 13 20″ and 24″ valves

Pacific Gas & Electric, CA
Hydrostatic test segment 3.7 miles of 26″ and 36″

Sempra/SO CAL Gas, CA
Install 11.44 miles of 10″ and 24″ pipeline

XCEL Energy, UT, CO
Install 33.4 miles of 24″ pipeline

Enterprise Products Co., Ut, CO
Install 95.5 miles of 16″ (two spreads)

Williams NW Pipeline Projects – Caldwell 22″ & 24″ Replacement
Middleton, ID
2 miles of 22″ and .75 miles of 24″ pipe

Questar Gas Management – Rendezvous VI Expansion/Mesa Line Loop
Sweetwater & Canyon County, WY
110 miles of 30″ pipe

Williams NW Pipeline Project – Williams Wild Horse Meter Station
Rio Blanco County, CO
Grass roots regulator station installation & associated fabrication

Gill Ranch Storage, LLC
Fresno, CA
Installation of grass roots compressor (including 5 Toromont reciprocating compressors)
29 miles of 30″ pipe
16″, 10″, and 3″ gathering lines
Interconnect site

Enterprise Products Co., CO
Install 30 miles of 36″ pipeline

Sabal Trail Transmission Station, FL
Construct 36,400 HP CS with 36″ gas main, 2 MS

Magellan Mistream Partners, TX
Install 163 miles of 20″ pipeline

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, TX
Remove 14,000′ of existing pipeline

Questar Pipeline Company, UT
Install 9.5 miles of 20″ replacement with open cut

Avista – Kettle Falls 12″ Steel Project
Spokane, WA
3.5 miles of 12″ HP gas pipeline

Puget Sound Energy – Kent/Black Diamond HP Supply
Kent/Auburn, WA
6.5 miles of 16″ HP steel

Kinder Morgan – Fort Bliss Relocation
El Paso, TX
Relocation of 3-7,000″ of 8″, 12″ and 16″ product pipelines
Removal of existing pipeline

Williams NW Pipeline Projects – Colorado Hub Connection Pipeline
Rio Blanco County, CO
27.5 miles of 24″ pipe

Questar Gas/Overthrust Pipeline Project – Main Line 133 Installation
Rock Springs, WY
Install 43 miles of 36″ pipe

Questar Pipeline Company, UT
Install 24.6 miles of 24″ pipeline

Williams-Northwest Pipeline, WA
Remove and install three Solar Saturns

Questar Gas Managment, WY
Install approximately 108 miles of 30″ pipeline

Questar Gas Company, WY
Install 77 miles of 36″ pipeline

Blue Racer Midstream, LLC., WV
Install 16 miles of 10″ pipeline

Williams NW Pipeline Project – Soda Springs to Lava Springs Mainline
Soda Springs/Lava Springs, ID
Installation of launchers, receivers and valves

BP/Olympic Pipeline – Tacoma DF Containment Project
Tacoma, WA
Sump tank removed, replaced with new curb slab/containment & vault

Great Northern ENGR/Swissport Fueling – Tank Farm Transfer Pump Install
Seattle, WA
Remove existing/install new transfer pumps & electrical installation

Questar Gas Management – Woodardville 16″ & 30″ Project
Woodardville, LA
4 miles of 30″ and 5 miles of 16″ pipe