PLH Group Connecting Experience to Resources

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October 11, 2018
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February 15, 2019

PLH Group Connecting Experience to Resources

There is no job too big for PLH Group, a full range of construction companies providing the energy and utility sectors with pipeline, meter compressor stations, and other services. They bring experienced technicians, skills, and resources together to create great outcomes on time.

Since 2009, PLH Group has built 300 meter compressor stations, laid 1000’s of miles of pipeline and worked 10.6 million man-hours in their quest to be a consistent provider of pipeline construction and maintenance in continental US and western Canada.

In addition, they provide station and facility construction, modular construction, transportation and heavy hauling, horizontal directional drilling services, gas distribution construction and maintenance, system integrity and anomaly repairs, and emergency response.

Safety, environmental vigilance, and cost and time efficiency are their top priorities as they provide complete pipeline construction solutions. In short; proficiency meets capability, delivering excellence and high-quality energy infra-structure and solutions to every project.