Gas Distribution and Construction

Gas Distribution Services

Snelson has over fifty years of experience in gas distribution and construction. We work directly with the customer to provide a single source contract outsourcing model.

Our management team has extensive background and understanding of the Gas Utility business, including gas distribution and construction. We provide cost effective, innovative, safe and high quality services in cities, communities and rural areas throughout the Northwest, West and Southwest regions of the United States.

Snelson’s Gas Distribution and Gas Construction services include, but are not limited to:

  • Constructing gas distribution systems
  • Extending service systems to commercial and residential customers for local distribution companies (LDC’s)
  • Joint trenching
  • Utilization of trenchless technology
  • Material management
  • Integrity management
  • Work management partnership
  • Master service agreements
  • Unit based installation agreements
  • Specializing in urban construction environments