Gill Ranch Compressor Station Project

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April 17, 2012
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July 16, 2012

Gill Ranch Compressor Station Project


The project begins

A staggering amount of work was done by Snelson in California for the Gill Ranch Storage Project.
The compressor facility civil factions were completed safely and efficiently. It was a very technical undertaking, but we could see Snelson’s experience with facility construction reflected in the success of this compressor station construction project.

Snelson had a mechanical team of over one hundred members, as well as a night shift which lead to a high productivity on this compressor station construction project.

Summer temperatures during the Gill Ranch project soared to well over 100 degrees, but that did not slow down Snelson’s compressor station crew. The team was made up of extremely talented people from the local union halls, as well as the usual faces that we have on these facility construction projects. This project benefited greatly from this top notch crew!

Milestone Reached!

One of the highlights during this project was the celebration of breaking 150,000 safe man-hours worked. Snelson had a BBQ at the compressor station construction site and the crews were treated to a catered lunch and a raffle of some exciting prizes. Many of the prizes were donated by the local vendors that supported Snelson’s efforts on the Gill Ranch Compressor Station project. We had over 300 people in attendance from Snelson, EC Electric, GRS and other contractors. There were even a few of our pipeline friends that were able to make it to the BBQ.

A Job Well Done

During Snelson’s pipeline and compressor station construction, Gill Ranch Storage’s dedicated staff and associates fully complied with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations and restrictions. The GRS pipeline and compressor station began full operations on October 3, 2010.