How to Secure Jobs in the Booming Natural Gas Industry

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How to Secure Jobs in the Booming Natural Gas Industry

Natural-Gas-Industry-JobsBy 2035, natural gas will surpass coal as the largest source of U.S. electricity generation, according to a forecast by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Natural gas production continues to rise and is projected to grow by 56 percent from 2012 to 2014. In fact, Pipeline & Gas Journal’s 2013 Worldwide Construction Report indicates that 41,810 miles of pipeline construction is planned worldwide – further, new pipeline construction for 2014 is credited largely to increased shale gas production.

Natural Gas Workforce Growth

The rise in projected production indicates a promising and stable future for the natural gas and oil industry workforce. In addition to increasing jobs, many argue the natural gas boom will stimulate investment in America’s infrastructure and increase productivity. America’s oil and gas boom is already producing millions of jobs, with employment up 40 percent since the recession began in late 2007, according to an article in the Investors Business Daily.

With the energy boom projected to continue for decades, job seekers can take advantage of this growing industry. The new Oil & Gas Workforce website at is a prime resource for those currently prospecting for industry positions. The website, developed by the American Petroleum Institute, connects job seekers with opportunities in the oil and natural gas industry, enabling prospects to search for opportunities by company or by position type.

Career Development

In addition to a job-search resource, the Oil & Gas Workforce website also provides helpful tools for career and professional development including information on education, certifications and training in the growing industry as outlined below:


Those interested in pursuing a job in the oil and natural gas industry can obtain the necessary education before training in the field. To be qualified for a position, prospective employees can find courses in their area that are taught by industry experts. The educational resource allows people to search for available courses by institution, type and state.


To help a candidate stand out from the crowd and prove he or she is the best candidate, the Oil & Gas Workforce website outlines certification programs and opportunities by provider to help prospective candidates become certified specialists. This can increase the odds of being selected for a position.


Job seekers can develop the skills required to advance their career by using the training search option on the website to discover training courses in specialized sectors of the oil and natural gas industry.

Natural Gas Industry is Thriving

There is no doubt the natural gas industry is thriving, it is already supporting millions of U.S. jobs. In fact the Energy Information Administration expects natural gas will account for 35 percent of the nation’s electricity generation by 2040, compared to coal at 32 percent. The increase in production presents further opportunities to not only expand the job industry, but potentially U.S. natural gas exports as well.

Resources like the Oil & Gas Workforce help prospects find a position and obtain the skills needed to advance in the industry.  With web tools like these and an optimistic forecast for the industry, the future looks promising for industry job seekers.

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