What People Say About Snelson

We have received numerous compliments… on the exceptional performance Snelson has shown throughout the execution of this project. Completing a project of this magnitude with no environmental violations is quite an accomplishment. It is something that Snelson said they could accomplish, and did.

David Kendrick
Fortune 500 Company
Project Manager

This construction project has been as nearly flawless as you can get. It will go a long way toward enhancing California’s energy supply by serving the state’s growing power generation needs.

Robert Sluder
Fortune 500 Company

The challenges of working with a diverse group of biologists, desert tortoise monitors, environmental inspectors and agency personnel in the middle of a pipeline construction project are not always easy to meet. Snelson and Kern River working together have met this challenge.

Kris Hohenshelt
Fortune 500 Company
Mngr of Land & Environment