Snelson is firmly committed to providing and maintaining an incident and injury free working environment. It is the policy of Snelson to maintain safe and healthy working environments at all of its business projects and facilities.

Snelson promotes the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and the public, as well as, the protection, respect and enhancement of the environment and communities in which we work.

Environmental Safety and Health is our Core Business Value

Environmental Safety and Health is our Core Business Value

This focus has lead to numerous pipeline safety awards. Snelson Companies, Inc. has developed a culture that effectively identifies, communicates and addresses pipeline safety, environmental safety and health concerns and needs of our employees, communities and customers. No incident or injury is acceptable; incident and injury free working environments are how we conduct business and govern our company. The result – not only pipeline safety awards, but also best in class projects, produced by a high morale work force excelling in a safe, healthy and productive working environment.

We are also actively committed to the protection of the environment, through our strong environmental policies and strict compliance with regulatory requirements. Please review our pipeline safety awards.

Environmental Statement

Snelson Companies, Inc. maintains and improves construction and best practices to reduce or eliminate the impact on the environment.

We are stewards and it is our goal to be the best stewards of our environment for the generations to come.

Our Commitment

Snelson Companies, Inc. is committed to avoiding all unplanned injuries, equipment damage, negative impact, security breaches or delays in production.

It is Snelson Companies, Inc. policy to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and productive working environment. Preservation must be emphasized. Human life is invaluable. The construction environment is of paramount importance.

From the pre-job planning process to the employee indoctrination and training programs our target is always proper execution and high levels of supervision during a project.

It is mandatory of each manager, supervisor and employee to effectively implement this policy in our daily operations.


Snelson views training, whether it’s Safety, Health, and Environmental or skill based qualifications, as an established shared and common knowledge which is essential to our continuous improvement philosophy. Our Corporate Safety, Health, and Environmental training program focuses on established industry comprehensive curriculum.

Snelson’s craft and supervisory training requirements; Hazard identification, pre-mobilization planning, regulatory leadership training, Safe Driver Training, and emergency procedures training, go above standard required orientation and are delivered by Snelson’s seasoned Safety, Health and Environmental instructors.


We recognize that information is constantly involving and changing. Our people always have current and up to date information that is easily accessible anywhere and anytime they need it. This helps ensure a knowledgeable and well trained work force. Our crews are ready to go to work understanding what is required of them and what to look out for.

Our approach is pro-active not re-active. Knowledge is power and knowledge can change fast. Our safety personnel regularly publish current safety alerts, best practices, lessons learned, OQ Alerts, DOT alerts, and health and wellness articles to all within our organization.

Our Approach

Snelson’s “leading indicator” approach to safety focuses on preventative measures rather than responding reactively. Identifying safety work procedures and eliminating incidents before they happen are key. The following are a few examples of these efforts:

  1. Leadership Observations
  2. Safety Committees
  3. Safety Audits
  4. JSA Quality Review
  5. Trend Analysis
  6. Recognition

A “leading indicator” focus has helped improve statistical performance, moral, and productivity.

Stake Holders

Snelson has a long history of being actively involved in the PLCA and DCA Safety. Snelson participates in the INGAA Lessons Learned reporting safety meetings. We are industry compliant in our reporting and investigation process.

Collaboration with the industry associations is an integral part of our business model and practice.

Snelson also participates with the ASSE, BCSP, CGA, National Safety Council and the Gold Shovel Associations